SGR Compliance recognized among the world’s top companies by Chartis.


Chartis Research, an independent and eminent organization working in the “risk technology” field, has recognized SGR Compliance as specialized provider of solutions for the prevention of financial crimes and money laundering (FRAML), thus earning a place in the prestigious “RiskTech for FRAML Solutions 2023 Quadrant.”

It is a great success that comes after the significant milestone achieved last year with Chartis’ awarding of the title “RiskTech100® 2023 Rising Star.”

This constellation of accomplishments stems from a challenge beginning in 2006, a year that saw SGR engaging with global players while standing out for its ability to develop databases and integrated compliance solutions meeting the requirements of national regulations.


Thanks to its experience in the field, SGR represents a serious and reliable partner capable of efficiently supporting Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) compliance procedures.

The Daily Control™ suite is constantly evolving and has been enriched with new features that complement SGR’s database consultation:


  • Extension of the search capability to additional third-party or internal databases (e.g. commercial registers and beneficial ownership registers);
  • Mapping of the relationships with customers and counterparties for a thorough risk assessment;
  • Activation of automated monitoring tools for unceasing, seamless due diligence;
  • Creation of documented processes for reporting and audit purposes.

‘By taking a hyper-regionalized approach to risk enrichment, SGR Compliance’s solutions add new and differentiated components to the FRAML ecosystem, helping with enrichment, fraud, AML and other related risk components,’ said Nick Vitchev, Research Director at Chartis. ‘This approach – which Chartis believes is key to the evolution of FRAML – enables more accurate and confident decisions, and makes SGR a notable addition to the FRAML quadrant.’

Who is Chartis Research?

Chartis Research provides comprehensive analyses of technological solutions aimed at managing various risks faced by companies, ranging from credit and operational risk to market and reputational ones. In particular, significant attention is paid to new technologies applied to the prevention of financial crime and cyber risk management.

The reports and quadrants developed by Chartis Research result from a professional and independent study of regulatory trends, market dynamics and the global landscape of industry players. The research follows a rigorous process that includes a detailed analysis of the operators and their cutting-edge solutions, with direct interviews to both the company and service users, ultimately leading to an objective evaluation based on specific and determined criteria.


What is the RiskTech for FRAML Solutions 2023 Quadrant?

The Quadrant is part of the report dedicated to the providers of solutions for combating financial crime and money laundering (FRAML). As a matter of fact, the goal of a large number of companies is to streamline risk management procedures and the activities of the professionals with the support of integrated solutions.


What does RiskTech100® 2023 Rising Star mean?

The report represents the most comprehensive independent study on the major global players in the field of technology applied to risk management and compliance. The title “Rising Star,” more specifically, is awarded to companies that demonstrate a clear vision of their objectives and a competitive edge in the RiskTech sector.


SGR Compliance recognized among the world's top companies by Chartis.

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