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Chartis Research: The Value of Localization in Fighting Financial Crime.

Amidst the ever-present risk of economic crime in the financial sector and the increasing speed of financial transactions, the importance of robust due diligence processes remains crucial. Chartis Research emphasizes the significance of local knowledge in due diligence, highlighting its benefits such as clarity, efficiency, and optimized risk management. Understanding local contexts is essential for institutions expanding into new regions to assess risks associated with clientele accurately and failure to do so can lead to repercussions like investigations or backlash.

SGR Compliance está entre las principales empresas reconocidas a nivel mundial por Chartis.

Chartis Research, una organización independiente y autorizada en el sector de “tecnología de riesgos”, ha reconocido a SGR Compliance como un proveedor especializado de soluciones para la prevención de delitos financieros y el lavado de dinero (CF/PBC), incluyéndola en el prestigioso “RiskTech for FRAML Solutions 2023 Quadrant”.

SGR Compliance reconnue comme l’une des principales entreprises mondiales agrées par Chartis.

Chartis Research, une organisation indépendante et influente dans le domaine de la “risk technology”, a reconnu SGR Compliance en tant que fournisseur spécialisé de solutions de prévention des crimes financiers et du blanchiment d’argent (FRAML), en l’incluant dans le prestigieux “RiskTech for FRAML Solutions 2023 Quadrant”.

SGR Compliance recognized among the world’s top companies by Chartis.

Chartis Research, an independent and eminent organization working in the “risk technology” field, has recognized SGR Compliance as specialized provider of solutions for the prevention of financial crimes and money laundering (FRAML), thus earning a place in the prestigious “RiskTech for FRAML Solutions 2023 Quadrant.”

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