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At SGR Compliance, we offer mutual cooperation in order to help your business grow. Our wide database of information can complement and improve your solutions.

The right data for due diligence procedures

We provide data that helps your clients to minimise the risks that threaten their business using our professional and detailed expertise in due diligence procedures. This data is structured, relevant, easily integrated into existing solutions, and displayed to benefit both you and your clients.

The right support

SGR leverages the skillset of highly qualified IT professionals that help build your company solutions, allowing you to meet the needs of your client. The data is delivered with the latest technologies and programming languages as it’s not just a matter of data quality, but data accessibility.

Looking for tailor-made solutions?

At SGR Compliance we help you to integrate our database into your own company system. This way you can easily conduct due diligence screenings aligned with your goals.

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Do you specialise in software development, system integration, or external compliance services?

If so, you need access to exclusive due diligence services to enhance your solutions.

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