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Registro dei Titolari Effettivi: il TAR del Lazio ha deciso.

Il TAR del Lazio ha deciso. Ecco l’esito sull’obbligo di comunicazione del Titolare Effettivo.


Chartis Research: The Value of Localization in Fighting Financial Crime.

Amidst the ever-present risk of economic crime in the financial sector and the increasing speed of financial transactions, the importance of robust due diligence processes remains crucial. Chartis Research emphasizes the significance of local knowledge in due diligence, highlighting its benefits such as clarity, efficiency, and optimized risk management. Understanding local contexts is essential for institutions expanding into new regions to assess risks associated with clientele accurately and failure to do so can lead to repercussions like investigations or backlash.


SGR Compliance reconnue comme l’une des principales entreprises mondiales agrées par Chartis.

Chartis Research, une organisation indépendante et influente dans le domaine de la « risk technology », a reconnu SGR Compliance en tant que fournisseur spécialisé de solutions de prévention des crimes financiers et du blanchiment d’argent (FRAML), en l’incluant dans le prestigieux « RiskTech for FRAML Solutions 2023 Quadrant ».


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La disciplina AML/CFT applicata a case d’asta, gallerie d’arte e antiquari.

Introduzione SGR Compliance, ha condotto una ricerca suIle modalità di riciclaggio…


Leveraging Google Cloud’s Anti Money Laundering AI with SGR’s Daily Control™ for Enhanced Compliance

Leveraging Google Cloud’s Anti Money Laundering AI with SGR’s Daily Control™ for Enhanced Compliance.

Functionalities and capabilities of Google Cloud’s AML AI: how organizations can maximize the benefits of this technology by combining it with Daily Control™.


New Business Owner? Here’s How to Protect Your Business from Money Laundering.

If you’re launching a new business in the finance industry or your business recently became a regulated entity, one of your top priorities should be safeguarding it against individuals using it for illicit activities like…


The Importance of Quality Data in Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: A Focus on ‘Quality In, Quality Out’.

How to apply « Quality In, Quality Out » principle to AML compliance.


Ultimate Beneficial Ownership. Unveiling the hidden risks

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership. Unveiling the hidden risks: beyond identifying the UBO.

The topic of the beneficial owner is one of the most complex and elusive in the context of preventing money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism…


SGR Efficiency program

Daily Control™️ Efficiency Program de SGR Compliance: révolutionner le screening et la détection AML.

Les tactiques des criminels évoluent en même temps que la technologie. Les institutions financières doivent s’adapter à des schémas de blanchiment d’argent nouveaux et complexes pour lutter efficacement contre ces menaces…


Daily Control™️ Automated Monitoring.

Automated monitoring process in an intuitive, customizable and user friendly tool is now reality.


SGR Compliance recognized as a RiskTech 100 Rising Star in 2023.

We are honored and grateful to announce that SGR Compliance has been recognized as a RiskTech 100 Rising Star in 2023.


The Importance of Adverse Media Screening in Due Diligence.

Adverse media screening is an essential part of due diligence for financial institutions and other organizations. By utilizing a specialized database for adverse media screening…


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