Against Personal & Financial Cybercrime

    Highly specialized services in Anti-money Laundering and Compliance

Company Overview

SGR COMPLIANCE was founded in 2006 with a vision of becoming a thought leader in the field of financial crime prevention. With our innovative two-pronged approach and our expertise in providing structured data, we help organizations minimize their risk exposure, protect themselves against financial crime, and constantly remain compliant with financial laws and regulation.


  Regulatory Compliance

Legal Expertise

Our in-house legal team is well-informed about ongoing regulatory developments
and maintains the high standards of our data and its relevance to our clients.

Data Centric Innovation

We leverage the latest technology in data science, automation, machine learning,
and data protection and combine it with
the expertise of our data analysts to provide relevant and effective data solutions, enhancing the compliance processes
of our clients.

Compliance  Experts

We are a highly experienced team in the financial compliance field, with extensive comprehension of anti-money
laundering services, KYC procedures and financial
crime prevention themes.

Current customers

We have partnered with major banking groups,
government authorities, leading insurance companies, publicly-listed companies, notaries as well as law and accountancy firms and to help them improve
their compliance procedures and results.